Vietnamese Chicken Wings | Chicken, Garlic, Fish Sauce, Red Chili Pepper & Lettuce

Spring Rolls | Cabbage, Mint, Carrots, Tofu, Coconut Milk, Lime, Peanuts & Pineapple Dipping Sauce


Pulled Pork OR Tofu & Mushroom Spread | French Bread, Pickled Carrots & Daikon, Spicy Mayo & Cilantro


Pho Chay (Vegan Pho) | Slow Simmered Apple & Pear, Mushroom Broth, Fried Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Basil, Rice Noodles, Siracha & Hoisin

Bun Rieu (Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup) | Tomato & Crab Broth, Shrimp, Calamari, Pork & Crab Meatballs, Water Spinach, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts & Rice Noodles

Ca Ri Ga (Chicken Curry) | Chicken, Shallots, Garlic, Onions, Curry Powder, Coconut Milk, Potatoes, Carrots, Lemongrass & French Bread

Banh Xeo Chay (Tofu) OR (Pork Belly & Shrimp) | Crepe, Coconut Cream, Scallions, Turmeric, Mung Beans, Mushrooms, Jicama, Bean Sprouts, Mint, Cilantro, Pineapple, Lime, Soy Sauce, Red Chili Peppers & Lettuce


Coconut Pandan Crème Brulee


Vietnamese Ice Coffee | Condensed Milk, Cafe Du Monde & Chicory

Lemongrass Lime Leaf Soda | Lemongrass, Mint, Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaves & Simple Syrup

Hot Tea



PS - Let us know if you have a food allergy or other restriction & we'll do our very best to accommodate you.

We hope you love your meal & our hospitality. Any gratuity you choose to leave will go to Onondaga Community College’s Foundation to help offset students’ tuition, uniforms & lab fees.

with love reopens tuesday, January 22, 2019 with an entirely new cuisine!

we don't take reservations & don't (yet) have a permit for alcohol or for byob.

we are open:

Tuesday - friday

Lunch (12-2 pm) & dinner (5-8 pm)

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