Dear you:

Welcome to my Savannah (with hints of my family roots in Congo & the Philippines). In Savannah most of the restaurants are houses most of the houses are haunted.

Our students in the kitchen have made you something lovely today:


CRAB CROQUETTE | Blue crab, collards, house made Kool Aid pickle, tartar sauce $10

RUMAKI | Chicken liver fried, breaded, gorgeous $8

LUMPIA | Beef & pork-shrimp eggrolls, sauteed cabbage, yum yum sauce $7

YARD GREENS | Mustard & turnip greens, chard, bean sprout, candied pecan, pickled carrot (shrimp $8 / vegetarian $6)


BRAISED PORK SHOULDER | Summer squash, smashed celery potatoes (GF) $15

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK | House made biscuits & sausage gravy $14

VENUS BURGER | Beef, pork belly, pickled onion, palmetto, bacon pepper jam + housemade chips $12

SUMMER SALAD | Rocket, cornbread crouton, corn, red onion, tomato, peach, pecan, herbed buttermilk $11

LADY PEA STEW | Black eyed peas, smoked pork, bacon jam, chow chow, cornbread $12 (vegetarian $9)


DAILY FRUIT COBBLER | Make you fat & happy $5


ICED: Mint Julep $3 | Sweet tea $2 | Watermelon + honey $3

HOT: Salt City coffee $2

With Love, Venus Likulumbi, Entrepreneur in Residence (January 18 - June 29, 2018)

Let us know if you have a food allergy or other restriction & we'll do our very best to accommodate you.

We hope you love your meal & our hospitality. Any gratuity you choose to leave will go to Onondaga Community College’s Foundation to help offset students’ tuition, uniforms & lab fees.

we're walk-in only & don't have alcohol or byob (yet) but our homemade drinks rock!

lunch: Tues + wed 12-2 pm

dinner: thur + fri 5-8 pm

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